When you rent an RV

for the first time...


You probably have a lot of questions

What is automatically included?
What can I request to be included?

 How does everything work?

Avari RV works for you to provide all necessary items and equipment, answer any questions, and ensure you are as comfortable as possible before heading out on the road. 

Renting through Avari RV provides the support you need as you head out for your adventure.

There are plenty of things you would just rather not have to do. Good news…we do it for you!


Although these services have required associated charges, it’s nice to know you don’t have to worry about it at the end of your trip.

Tank Management

LP Tank Refill

RV Refuel

Commitment to Cleanliness




RV Equipment

If you headed out on the road without these items, you may find yourself in some challenges.


Avari RV provides RV equipment that you cannot go without.

RV Insurance & Registration papers

RV owner manual

(2) 30amp extension cords

30-to-30amp locking ring adapter

50-to-30amp adapter

Surge Guard

Jumper Cables

Sewer hose kit

Sewer hose supports

Non-drinking water hose for sewage flush

Single-Use gloves

(4) Wheel chocks

(10) Leveling blocks

(2) Freshwater hoses

Freshwater hose spray nozzle

Freshwater filter

Flexible hose protector

Water pressure regulator

Spare fuse set

Tire pressure gauge

Wi-Fi Jetpack

An Avari RV specialist will take the necessary time to go walk you through important operations, functions, features, and equipment specific to your rental and will answer any questions tailored to your type of adventure.


You will receive an RV Guide along with ways to receive assistance during your trip.

Complete RV