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Terms & Conditions


All RV Charges

  • Renter (or authorized) must acknowledge all required, optional, and post-rental charges (f applicable).

Vehicle Inspection Form

  • Renter (or authorized) will inspect and note (upon rental start and rental end) for any visible damages or missing parts to the RV’s interior and exterior.
  • The odometer, generator hours, LP tank level, and fuel tank level will be recorded for any applicable post-rental charges.

RV Walk-Through Disclaimer Form

  • The in-person walk-through at the beginning of rental will provide a complete and comprehensive overview of all elements and basic functionality of the RV.
  • It is vital that the primary renter present along with any additional drivers or key individuals.

RV Inclusion Form

  • Renter (or authorized) must acknowledge the presence of items included in the RV which are the property of Avari RV.
  • The renter will be financially responsible for replacing any lost, stolen, or damaged items along with a replacement fee.




RV Renter Insurance

  • Renters and drivers must provide proof of full-coverage RV Renter Insurance. All additional drivers must either fall under the primary renter’s RV Rental Insurance or carry own acceptable policy.
  • Acceptable insurances: Farmers, AAA, State Farm, Travelers, USAA, Chubb, Allstate, Progressive.
  • Avari RV will verify that insurance policy covers RV rentals
  • If the insurance policy falls short of Avari RV’s requirements, renter may purchase RV Renter Insurance from Avari RV.
  • American Express Centurion and American Express Platinum card holders may be able to use their own coverage through their card benefits. Please inquire with Avari RV for further details.

Age of Driver(s)

  • Copy of driver’s licenses for all drivers must be provided to confirm rental
  • Minimum Age – 25 years old by day of rental
  • Those under 25 years old (minimum 21 years old) may be eligible to be approved drivers for an additional fee

Driving Record

  • All drivers must have a clean driving record without a DUI, a major accident, or speeding tickets for the previous five years.
  • Avari RV will review driving records prior to official confirmation of rental.
  • Avari RV reserves the right to refuse service based on a driving record.

Payment Method

  • The primary renter must provide a valid credit card at time of reservation
  • Avari RV accepts only these major credit cards for payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover.
  • Debit cards may be accepted and may require additional verification & information.




Cleaning Fees

  • Required Cleaning Fee - A $250 is required for all RV rentals.
  • Pet Fee - If any pet is to be onboard during the trip, a $200 fee is required to account for additional cleaning that will be done to clean thoroughly for following RV renters.
  • COVID-19 RV Treatment - A $200 fee for this optional treatment provides an additional level of sanitization of all surfaces with an Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer.
  • Additional Cleaning Fee - If additional cleaning is needed beyond what is typically expected, renter is subject to an additional fee.

Cancellation Fees

  • Full-Refund Period – If renter cancels outside of 14 days of confirmed start of rental, renter is owed a full refund.
  • Partial-Refund Period - If renter cancels 7 to 13 days outside of confirmed start of rental, renter is owed a 50% refund.
  • Non-Refundable Period - If renter cancels within 6 days of confirmed start of rental, all charges are non-refundable.

Credit Card Processing Fee

  • A 5% credit card processing fee may apply to all charges.

RV Unavailable

  • If the specified RV is not available due to an unforeseen rental period extension or issue due to the previous rental, the renter has the following options:
    • Rent another available RV which satisfies the renter and accommodates the maximum number of guests onboard
    • Full refund of all rental charges and fees
  • Rebook at another available date

Rental Period Extension

  • Renter may extend the rental period based on availability confirmed by Avari RV.
  • If renter extends the rental period without approval from Avari RV, renter may be subject to an additional fee. If Avari RV is unable to provide the RV for the following rental, renter may be responsible for the entire lost revenue from the subsequent rental.

Negligent Damage

  • If Avari RV cannot fulfill its obligation for the next renal due to RV damage from renter, the renter may be responsible for the entire lost revenue from the subsequent rental.
  • Renter assumes unlimited responsibility for negligent damage, including but not limited to situations of
    • Deliberate or willful damage caused by renter or guest
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other controlled substances
    • Failure to use specified fuel
  • Driving under overhead with too low a clearance


  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • If the RV is returned with a smoke odor, renter may be charged an additional cleaning fee up to $2,000


  • RVs owned by Avari RV have 2 ½ standard female hitches and can tow up to 5,000 lbs.
  • Towing equipment is available for additional cost.
  • All drivers must have towing experience to be allowed to rent Avari RV towing equipment or tow using Avari RV vehicles.

Tire Chains

  • Tire chains are not allowed.

Restricted Travel

  • Mexico – Traveling into Mexico is not permitted. There is no insurance coverage in Mexico.
  • Death Valley – Traveling into Death Valley is not permitted between June 15-September 15.
    • If travel is required into Death Valley during this period, Avari RV may approve with advance notice.
  • Additional restrictions and cost may apply.